A Disability Attorney in New York on Medical Treatment and Medical Records

June 11,2013
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When a person files a disability claim with the Social Security Administration, the claimant is asking the SSA to reach a finding that the he or she has a physical or mental impairment that precludes performing substantial gainful activity by working in a previous or other job. An important component of that determination is the examination of the medical record of the claimant that, in the SSA’s assessment, supports a finding of impairment.

Seek Treatment for All Physical and Mental Conditions

Most people have a primary impairment form which they suffer, but many have multiple afflictions. SSA’s rules and regulations require it to look at the totality of a claimant’s medical condition, and it is not unusual for a person to be found disabled based on a combination of different impairments. Additionally, a disability attorney in New York cautions that many who struggle with the inability to work and long-term physical issues often develop anxiety, depression or other mental conditions that require treatment. If you are filing a disability claim, be certain the SSA has a complete list of all medical professionals you have sought treatment from.

Be Diligent in Keeping Appointments and Following Recommendations

A claimant who misses doctor visits or ignores supplemental treatment advice such as therapy or chiropractic care may be viewed by the SSA as not interested in regaining his or her health and consequently denied benefits. Similarly, you may experience a plateau, or period of showing little or no improvement, after receiving treatment for a period of time. Don’t get discouraged and curtail treatment; stay the course and demonstrate to the SSA that you have done all that is possible to recover.

Contact a Disability Attorney in New York for Legal Advice

In addition to your complete medical record, the SSA can ask you to visit a doctor of its choosing to assist in the determination of your disability. It is important to comply with this request; failing to do so can be grounds for a denial. For any questions on your disability claim, call Hermann Law Group, PLLC, a disability attorney in New York, at (914) 286-3030.