How a Disability Attorney in NJ Can Help With Your Disability Claim

June 25,2013
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If you have applied or are considering applying for disability, a disability attorney in NJ may be able to help you obtain benefits by working with your treating doctor. When someone attempts to earn disability benefits, the Social Security Administration often asks the treating doctor to provide opinions and information about the claimant’s impairments. This helps the Social Security Administration ensure that the claimant is truly disabled. The opinions of a treating doctor may make or break a disability claim.

What Is a Treating Doctor?

The Social Security Administration states that the treating doctor is the medical professional who is most able to provide a thorough picture of the claimant’s impairments. A unique perspective may be offered by the treating doctor, who may provide a better picture than the evidence obtained from individual examinations and medical findings. Examinations and brief hospitalizations may not be accurate without the opinions of a treating doctor.

The Information the Social Security Administration (SSA) Needs From the Treating Doctor

A treating doctor may be asked for information related to the nature and severity of a claimant’s medical impairments. The doctor may also need to provide information about the extent and duration of the impairments. This information may include observations and opinions about the claimant’s ability to function, the effects of treatment, and if those treatments had side effects. The treating doctor may also be asked about how the impairments affect the claimant’s ability to perform daily living activities. These opinions are an important part of the Social Security Administration’s attempt to draw accurate conclusions about the claimant’s capacity for work.

Contact a Disability Attorney in NJ

Whether you are still considering applying for disability or have already put in your claim, an attorney may prove to be an important ally in the process of obtaining benefits. Contact Hermann Law Group, PLLC at (914) 286-3030 for a consultation about your claim. Obtaining benefits can be a difficult process, but a disability attorney in NJ may be able to help you.