HUD Announces Rental Assistance to Thousands of Disabled Americans

November 17,2015
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As an advocate for the disabled, I frequently see firsthand how disability and the corresponding inability to earn the income necessary to pay bills—most significantly rent or mortgage—has forced my clients out of their homes while they wait for their Disability claims to be approved.

While the latest news from the banking industry that many of the largest national banks are suspending foreclosure proceedings while they investigate fraud in the mortgage granting process (see: NYT 10/8/10: Largest U.S. Bank Halts Foreclosures in All States) offers a reprieve for those of my clients who own their homes but are far behind on their mortgage payments, there is also good news now for those of my clients who need access to affordable housing in a community that adequately meets their needs.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced last week that they will be issuing approximately 4300 housing assistance vouchers totaling nearly $33 million to thousands of non-elderly Americans with Disabilities to assist them with their housing needs. To read more, visit

Gabe Hermann