Is Social Security Doomed?

August 11,2015
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Most of our clients come to us to help them get Social Security Disability (also known as DIB: Disability Insurance Benefits). But some of them are already 62 or turn 62 as their DIB claims are pending, which makes them eligible for RIB (Retirement Insurance Benefits, or “regular” Social Security) while they wait to see if the DIB is approved.

Just about every time Gabe or I give a lecture there is someone in attendance who is already receiving RIB, is too old to qualify for DIB, and just wants to know “what’s going to happen to Social Security?” Typically we deflect the question by saying we are there to discuss the law, not politics, especially since the point of the lectures is to help people get benefits now. But it really is an important question and I’m going to deal with it a little over my next few posts.

I recently read an excellent article in Forbes magazine about what some academic economists feel has to be done to “save” Social Security. You can find the entire article at
target= “_blank” > Since the article is only two pages long, I really encourage you to read it.

I’ll share my opinions on what lies ahead and what we should do to protect ourselves over the next few posts.

Lew Insler