Social Security Disability: It's Never Too Early to Hire an Attorney....But Sometimes it Can Be Too Late

February 16,2016
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I have already mentioned that the earlier in the process we are retained, the better the chance we have of winning.

This morning I received a call from someone who wanted us to take over her Social Security Disability case from a large national firm. She had just lost at her hearing, and this large firm that represented her was now filing an appeal to the Appeals Council. Her biggest complaint with this firm was that she had never met her attorney until the morning of her hearing, after only a brief phone conversation some time before.

I must admit that while I know this is how many other firms work, I am disappointed every time I hear of how it has negatively impacted the outcome of someone’s claim. Gabe and I work on our relationship with each of our clients in a much more personal way.

At Hermann Law Group, you meet an attorney when you first come to see us, and he is your attorney for the entire time we represent you. Even before we meet you, it is our policy to have an attorney get on the phone the first time that you call the office. If no attorney is available, one will call you back even if we have already scheduled an appointment with you. The more contact we have with you, the better we can understand your claim and what we need to do to win it.

Unfortunately, I had to explain to the caller this morning that it really is too late for us to be able to have a significant effect on her claim at this point.
I did tell her that if she loses her appeal, we could start a new application for her, or if she is granted a new hearing, we could become involved at that point.

So while it is never too early to get a lawyer, unfortunately sometimes it can be too late.

Lew Insler