New Jersey to Offer Insurance Program Providing Immediate Health Coverage for Those with a Pre-existing Condition

April 07,2015
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In Monday’s Bergen Record, it was reported that New Jersey has started to offer health insurance to uninsured New Jersey residents who suffer from a pre-existing condition. The program, called NJ Protect, is available to any US citizen or legal resident who can prove residency in New Jersey and can document that he or she has been uninsured for 6 months and suffers from a “pre-existing condition.” The requirements for eligibility for the insurance are clearly explained in great detail on the NJ Protect website.

It is reported that this program is expected to help up to 21,000 previously uninsured people in a program to be administered by Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey. I actually expect far, far more to fill out applications in the hopes of securing health insurance that is even moderately cheaper than what is otherwise available for people with chronic medical conditions.

As an attorney assisting clients with their Disability claims, I often hear about my clients’ difficulties getting and affording health insurance. Hopefully, this program will make things easier for many of my clients that have been receiving their treatment in oversubscribed clinics and from physicians not trained to treat their chronic conditions.

Gabe Hermann