Our New York Disability Attorney Gives Tips for Winning Your Social Security Disability Claim

February 18,2014
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Filing a disability claim can often be complex, which is why it is in your benefit to have an experienced and dedicated New York disability attorney that knows how to win disability by your side. The following information from your New York disability attorney give the top tips on how to win disability claims after filing with the Social Security Administration (SSA). To further discuss how to implement these tips on how to win disability, contact your New York disability lawyer to schedule your consultation.

Provide All Records to the SSA

It is in your best interest to provide as much evidence as you can to support your case. Be proactive and provide your records, do not assume the SSA will be vigilante in collecting all of them.

Explain All Conditions and Disabilities

While there may be one condition that is ailing you the most, you need to be sure that the SSA knows if you have more than one medical condition or disability. Do not assume anything is irrelevant.

Appeal If Denied

It is a statistical fact that the majority of disability cases are denied at the initial application. More are denied at the next level. However, majority of cases that go to the hearing level and have legal representation are won.

Hire an Attorney

As stated above, your odds of winning your disability case are greater if you have an experienced attorney representing you. A disability attorney who is familiar with disability hearings will understand how the procedure works and be able to prepare a stronger case for you.

Contact Our New York Disability Attorney

When navigating the complex Social Security Administration, you want an experienced New York disability attorney that knows how to win disability claims. Contact your dedicated disability attorney today from Hermann Law Group, PLLC to help with your case. Call (914) 286-3030 today to reach our New York disability attorney who has the skills and knowledge to help you fight for what you deserve in your disability claim. Schedule for your consultation with the experienced professionals.