Information Your New York Social Security Disability Attorney Needs

April 30,2013
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When you schedule a consultation with a New York Social Security disability attorney, there are many things that your lawyer may ask you to bring with you to the meeting. Here is a brief list of information to take with you.

Medical Records

One of the most important pieces of evidence for your New York Social Security disability attorney is your medical records. These records can show how your impairment has been documented and how it has progressed throughout time. Include a list of all doctors that you have visited and the approximate dates when you visited each one. Include contact information for these doctors.

Medication Information

Create a table for your New York Social Security disability attorney that includes all medications that you have taken for your impairments. Include the name of the medication, dosage, frequency in which you took the medication, the prescribing doctor, any side effects of taking the medication, and the effect the medication had on your condition.

Employment Information

Include documents regarding your previous and current employment information. Include dates of employment, the name of the employer, your rate of pay, and your job title. Include a list of duties that you performed at each job.

Social Security Paperwork

Bring with you any documents that you have received from the Social Security Administration. Include copies of documents that you completed as part of your application. Also, include letters regarding any denials.

Workers’ Compensation Information

If you filed a workers’ compensation claim after your illness or injury, bring any information related to your workers’ compensation claim with you to your consultation.

Legal Assistance from a New York Social Security Disability Attorney

If you would like to know what other information you should bring with you to your initial consultation, contact a New York Social Security disability attorney from Hermann Law Group, PLLC by calling (914) 286-3030.