New York State Health Insurance Program for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

April 01,2008
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Several months ago I wrote about the New Jersey health insurance program available for individuals with pre-existing conditions (click here for that blog entry).
A similar program exists in New York State as well.
As with the New Jersey plan, pre-requisites include:
• having a pre-existing condition – although, in New York, the conditions are specifically identified and if an application’s condition is not on the list, eligibility is subject to medical review.
• Not having had health insurance coverage for 6 months
• Being a legal US resident and a resident of New York State
Rates are as follows:
$421 for residents of the 5 counties that make up New York, Nassau and Suffolk, and counties North of the city including Ulster, Dutchess, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Sullivan.
$362 for all other counties of New York State.
Please note that this program is first come, first served and thus will likely fill up quickly. If that happens, the state and GHI (the plan administrator) will create a waiting list.
Click here for an application and further details.
Happy New Year!
Gabe Hermann

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