Our Social Security Lawyers New Rochelle Discuss Medical Evidence

April 15,2014
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If you need help with Social Security lawyers New Rochelle, look no further than hiring an attorney. An attorney can help you figure out how to apply for disability in NY, how to represent yourself at your hearing and how to use medical evidence to earn benefits. Medical evidence and your treatment history can help lend credibility of your statements about pain and other symptoms.

Social Security Lawyers New Rochelle & Medical Evidence

The effects of symptoms can often be observed even when the symptoms themselves are unable to be measured. As an example, reduced joint motion and muscle spasms can be a result of pain, as well as movement disruption and sensory deficits. These findings in your medical records may help lend credibility to your statements about the pain you deal with on a regular basis. Important information about your symptoms may include the symptoms’ onset, description of the location and character of your symptoms, and aggravating actors. Frequency and duration should also be examined as well as whether your symptoms have worsened, improved or stayed the same over time. Their effect on your daily activities is also important. In most cases, your doctor will have obtained this information directly from you. A record over time of treatment and its success or failure will also be examined by the adjudicator as well as indications of other impairments that could account for your symptoms.

Your Treatment History

Persistent attempts to obtain pain relief or relief from other symptoms is just as important as the symptoms themselves. The judge will want to know if you tried increasing medications or tried different medications. He or she may also want to know if you tried changing treating doctors, which may be a sign that you were distressed by your symptoms. If he or she believes you have not tried hard enough to alleviate your symptoms, you may be denied for benefits.

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