Our Railroad Disability Lawyers Discuss Railroad Retirement Benefits

September 10,2013
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Railroad retirement benefits are administered by the Railroad Retirement Board‘s disability benefits program. This program provides specific benefits to current and former United States railroads employees.

Disability Benefits

Individuals who have sustained a work-disabling injury may be eligible for railroad retirement benefits if they are unable to perform their basic job duties. This injury did not have to be sustained on the job in order for employees to qualify for benefits. Although these workers may be eligible for such railroad retirement benefits, many individuals make the mistake of applying for benefits without the legal assistance of a competent attorney who is knowledgeable about railroad employees’ rights and benefits programs.

Claims Process

The process of applying for railroad benefits is very similar to applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. As such, lawyers can assist with various stages of the process, including:

Application: Individuals who have suffered a disabling injury may ask a railroad retirement lawyer to help with completing the application materials that are forwarded to the Railroad Retirement Board.

Reconsideration: Similar to the process involved in applying for Social Security benefits, claimants can ask for reconsideration if their initial application is denied. This request is also sent to the Railroad Retirement Board.

Disability Hearing: Again, like in a Social Security Administration claim, the disability hearing is the next step in the process if reconsideration was denied. The hearing is conducted by a Railroad Retirement Board hearing officer. At the hearing, you may be required to provide testimony about the injury that you sustained and how it has impacted your life. Your railroad retirement benefits lawyer may also present medical evidence and other evidence to help substantiate your claim.

Appeal: If you have still been denied benefits, a lawyer may assist a claimant in appealing his or her case to the Railroad Retirement Board or an appropriate federal district court.

Legal Assistance for Your Railroad Retirement Benefits

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