Social Security Hackensack NJ Attorneys Discuss Marriage and Benefits

December 03,2013
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Our knowledgeable Social Security Hackensack NJ attorneys can answer your questions about how getting married affects disability benefits.

Benefits Under Your Own Work Record

Depending on the type of Social Security Disability or SSDI benefits you are receiving, marriage may or may not affect the amount you receive. If you have worked and are receiving benefits under your own work record, getting married will not affect your benefits. If you are a spouse or adult child receiving benefits under a parent’s work record, your benefits may stop unless you are marrying another disabled person. Once an adult disabled child gets married, he is no longer eligible to receive benefits as a dependent on a parent’s work record. However, if the person you marry is also disabled and receiving benefits under a parent’s work record, under certain circumstances neither person will lose their benefits. Speaking with a disability attorney is the best way to get the answers you need. If you are receiving benefits under an ex-spouse’s work record you will also lose your benefits. If your ex-spouse is deceased, as long as you don’t get married before 60 years old or 50 if you are disabled, you shouldn’t lose your benefits. Of course you may be eligible to receive benefits from your new spouse; speaking with Social Security Hackensack NJ attorneys is the best way to get the answers you need to all of your questions.

Benefits Under Supplemental Security Income

Strict income limits apply to SSI and getting married will usually affect the overall amount of the benefit. If your future spouse makes a good income, the “deemed” assets could disqualify you from SSI benefits. “Deemed” assets can vary and it is best to determine how these assets will affect your benefit before you make a final decision about marriage. Social Security Hackensack NJ attorneys can explain what this means to your specific situation. Two people who are receiving SSI shouldn’t lose their benefits, but the amount will probably be reduced. In 2015 an individual’s SSI amount is $733, but the married amount is only $1,100. People who are receiving SSI should look at all of their options when deciding if they should get married or not. Knowledgeable disability attorneys can explain these differences and help you make sense of government benefits.

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