Our Social Security New Rochelle NY Lawyer Discusses Medical Evidence

February 04,2014
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If you are struggling to get benefits from the Social Security New Rochelle NY system, our Disability lawyer may be able to help you. Medical evidence is the primary factor the Social Security Administration looks at when determining your eligibility for benefits. Your medical records are necessary to support your claims of pain and other distressing symptoms. Your medical record must include records of your symptoms made by your treating medical professionals.

Medical Records

Your medical records must include the date of onset as well as the location of your symptoms and the nature of their occurrence. Include any aggravating factors as well as the duration and frequency of your symptoms. It is necessary to give the judge a thorough understanding how how your symptoms present and how they affect your everyday activities.

Your adjudicator may compare the information in your medical record to the information in the rest of your file. Over time, a record of treatment should show either success or failure. If you have demonstrated attempts to seek effective care over time, your claims of distress will appear more genuine to the judge. This means changing physicians and treatment plans if there was no sign of effectiveness. Persistent attempts to find new medical solutions, whether by getting a referral to specialists or adopting a new type of therapy, demonstrates a history of distressing symptoms and a willingness to find a solution that works.

Your statements may not be seen as credible if the frequency of your treatment is not consistent with the amount of pain or discomfort you claim in your file. In this case, the judge may determine that you did not sufficiently seek an effective source of treatment and are not eligible for benefits. Our Social Security Hudson NY attorneys may be able to help you determine your eligibility.

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