SSD Lawyers Westchester on How to Improve Your Chances for Approval

August 27,2013
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One important consideration to keep in mind if you are applying for Social Security disability: it is a process that has specific rules and regulations at each stage. Consequently, you can maximize your likelihood of success differently, for instance, at the examiner phase, as opposed to the hearing phase.

The Examiner Phase

When you file your Initial Application for SSD, it is likely your file will be reviewed by an examiner who is not an employee of the Social Security Administration. This examiner will apply the SSA standards and review your medical record to determine if he or she feels your impairments prevent you from working. Of primary importance at the examiner phase is to:

  • Provide a complete medical history
  • Have your treating physician fill out a Residual Functional Capacity form
  • Promptly respond to all correspondence from the SSA
  • Attend an independent medical examination if requested by the SSA

Even complete applications can, however, be denied. In fact, as SSD lawyers Westchester understand, most initial applications are denied. Similarly, the first level of appeal, reconsideration, which is another review by a different medical examiner, typically results in denial. Most applicants’ best opportunity is at the hearing phases.

Hearing Phase

Conducted before an administrative law judge, the hearing phase allows for you to testify. This is often a seminal moment in the SSD process; the judge will hear directly from you as to the true impact you impairments have on your ability to work and conduct the activities of daily life. Also, be certain any new, relevant medical information has been given to the SSA. Due to the nature of the hearing, which may include testimony from a medical and vocational expert witness, it is highly recommended you retain experienced SSD lawyers Westchester in preparation for your hearing.

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