Working with Your Attorney on Social Security in Danbury CT

August 13,2013
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If you are seeking Social Security in Danbury CT for your disability, you will likely have to go through a lengthy process that involves a hearing. It is recommended that you contact a disability attorney to help you through this process. When hiring an attorney for your disability case, you may be wondering what they will do for you. While not all attorneys are exactly the same, many follow the same procedures when it comes to a Social Security disability case. The following information is what you can expect when you hire an attorney to help with your Social Security in Danbury CT.

First Contact with the Attorney

During the first contact with your disability attorney, you may only speak to a member of their staff. This staff member will want to go over some personal information and gather the facts of your case. The reason they will do this is to qualify your case and make sure that the attorney will be able to help you. Often times this interview will take place over the phone, but some attorneys prefer that it is done in person. After gathering your information, the attorney will review it. If they feel that there is not a good possibility of winning your case, they will likely decline representing you.

Access to Medical Records

In disability cases, it is typical for the attorney to ask you for access to your medical records. In order to have access to your medical records, you will need to give consent. In most cases, this will require that you fill out a form allowing your private records to be released to that party. If there is a cost for this your attorney will take care of it and will expect to be reimbursed after your settlement. Allowing your attorney to have access to your medical records will only benefit your case. Your attorney will review your records and may notice that your condition requires additional testing in order to receive disability. Your attorney will also be able to note down who your medical providers are in case they have any questions for them. Your attorney is the party who is responsible for sending these records to the judge for your hearing. They will determine which records need to be sent over.

Preparing for Your Hearing

It is likely that you will need to attend a hearing with a Administrative Law Judge presiding before you are approved for Social Security disability benefits. While you may not have had much contact with your attorney before this process, rest assured that they are working behind the scenes to get everything prepared for your hearing. They are working to secure a date for your hearing and to submit all forms by the requested date. Before your hearing takes place, your attorney may ask you for additional documents such as employment records. Providing your attorney with these requested documents will only strengthen your case. Your attorney will also go over what you should expect during the hearing. They will prepare you for questions you will likely be asked and the most concise way to answer those questions. You will need to be prepared to provide detailed information about your condition, your symptoms, how your symptoms affect your well-being, both physical and mental. You will also be expected to discuss what medications your are taking for your condition and how you handle your symptoms daily. During your hearing the judge will want to hear about the type of work you did in the past and what positions you held over the past decade or so. You will be asked about what sort of work activities you are able to perform with your limitations. You will also be expected to discuss your education and literacy levels.

Witnesses for Your Case

You will be able to have witnesses speak on your behalf at your hearing. Witnesses can include medical professionals, or people who see you on a regular basis like friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone else your attorney thinks will help. Your attorney will first speak with the witness to find out what they know. Then they determine if they will be help or hinder your case before allowing them to speak at your hearing.

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