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Navigating the Many Types of 

Veterans Disability Claims 


At Insler & Hermann, LLP we understand that filing for Veterans Disability Benefits is a confusing and lengthy process. We specialize in helping veterans and their families with appeals to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve.

There are numerous types of claims that apply to disability compensation. Claims for post-service disabilities include disabilities that are a result of conditions considered to be service related even though the symptoms or limitations arose after discharge. 
Additionally, there are claims that are filed for special circumstances. 


Pre-Discharge Claims

Service members that are within 180 days of separation or retirement from active duty or full time National Guard duty may file claims for disability compensation.  Claims Based on Pre-Service Disabilities

Individuals may enter military service with a known disability. Should this disability become worse due to military service, VA may be able to pay compensation. This is known as aggravation; however, compensation can only be paid for the level of aggravation.

Claims Based on In-Service Disabilities

These claims are based on disabilities that are a result of an injury or disease that occurred in active service, and in the line of duty.

Claims Based on Post-Service Disabilities

Claims for post-service disabilities would include claims for disabilities that are a result of disabilities considered to be service-related, even though the disability arose after service.

Claims Based on Special Circumstances

Claims regarding compensation are not always based on an in-service event. In other words, after a disability has been determined to be service connected, there may be other types of claims a Veteran or surviving spouse may wish to file. 

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Donna TorreDonna has three grown children, one granddaughter and another grandchild due in September. And Donna is a ballroom dancer.  She received her love of dancing from her mother who is 91 and still dancing! At eighteen Donna started her dance career by taking ballroom dance lessons and  she has continued dancing throughout her adult life. Donna has traveled around the world as a student and dancer and has been in ballroom dance showcases in New York and New Jersey. She teaches at Ballroom Studios, at Adult Education classes and she gives private lessons.    

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Navigating the Many Types of Veterans Disability Claims
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