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Our Predictions - How the Election Will Affect Your Social Security Benefits
What you need to know
Everyman picMany Americans who are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits are wondering how President Obama's re-election will affect their current or future Social Security benefits. Nearly 62 million people receive Social Security benefits, of whom approximately 10 million recipients rely on Social Security either for their Disability benefits or are a spouse of child of a beneficiary. Many Social Security recipients depend on their benefits as either all or most of their monthly income. According to the official statement from The White House, Barack Obama as President would attempt the following: 

1. Strengthen Social Security for future generations.

2. Not risk SS for current retirees and the disabled.

3. Not reduce benefits for future generations.

4. Not submit guaranteed SS income to the "whims of the stock market". 


Other possible immediate Obama plans are to have Congress to allow an additional $250 one-time Economic Recovery Payment benefit to seniors, veterans and the disabled this year. 

We at Insler & Herman, LLP do not expect any radical changes to occur in the near term; in fact, despite the rhetoric during the election about the situation facing the Social Security "trust fund", no changes were made by the President in his proposed 2013 budget. We do not expect benefits to change for those of our clients presently receiving Disability benefits. On the other hand, we do expect that claims representatives and judges will continue to scrutinize claims to make sure that benefits are only awarded to those who satisfy the standards of Disability.

The attorneys and staff continue to vigorously represent our clients through all steps of the claims process and will do everything we can to maximize the chances of a successful outcome as quickly as possible. 

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It all began at Union College Homecoming in October 1974 when Lew  went to his first Bruce Springsteen concert  and the rest is history.   Lew attended because Union was (and still is) a small college and everyone went to the campus concerts; but more importantly, he was a DJ and had played some of Springsteen's music on the campus radio station and he wanted the opportunity to see him live.

In the past 38 years, Lew has attended almost 175 concerts in at least 22 different venues from bars to stadiums and if it's been too long in between shows his inner compass tells him when he "needs" a Bruce concert.  Picking a favorite song was easy - Rosalita, it was harder for Lew to pick a most memorable concert moment.  Some of the most memorable Bruce moments so far were front row at Madison Square Garden in 1980 or the Light of Day Benefit at the Stone Pony bar in Asbury Park in 2004, or a great night at MSG in 2000, or the Rock n ' Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary show in 2009, or the first concert at Giants Stadium in 2002 when he made the stadium feel like a small venue.

According to Lew, every Springsteen show has the energy of a Super Bowl; and your team is guaranteed to win. His music strikes a chord with Lew because regardless of the decade Bruce's music addresses a wide range of social and political issues, in many different styles with powerful visual and visceral lyrics. No other performer draws upon the history of American popular music, from Stephen Foster to the present day rock and roll we grew up with.

Share your favorite Bruce Springsteen stories with Lew email him lbi@nymetrodisability.com.

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Predictions - 2012 Presidential Election & Your Social Security Disability!
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