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Veterans Disability Tip of the Month 

With more than 50 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to helping veterans and their families obtain the benefits to which they are entitled. 

At Insler & Hermann, LLP, our experienced veterans disability benefits lawyers, represent clients throughout NY State, Connecticut and New Jersey. 


We provide vital assistance to a person seeking benefits by guiding them through the process from the initial denial and appeal to award, and beyond.


Survival Tip # 1

Understanding The Veteran's Disability Claims Process 

Am I Eligible?

Veterans disability benefits are generally available for veterans who became disabled as a result of impairments sustained or made worse while on duty. In order to award benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) must find that an applicant: was honorably discharged; suffered a service connected disability - or had a condition made worse while on duty; and continues to suffer from the disability; based on competent medical and other evidence. 


How do I Prove Eligibility for VA Benefits?

A veteran seeking VA disability benefits must show that he or she:

  • Served in active service and was honorably discharged;
  • Was injured, became sick, or exacerbated an existing injury or disease during service;
  • Is currently suffering from the effects or symptoms of the injury or disease; and
  • That these effects or symptoms are directly related to military service.

Claimants should draw on a variety of evidence, including medical and military records and witness testimony, in order to establish these elements of a successful benefits claim.   


Can I Obtain Disability Benefits If I'm Still Working?

Yes. The VA finds that many beneficiaries are still able to work in some capacity. For example, a person rated 60 percent disabled by the VA and receiving benefits may still be able to work to a limited extent. The agency does not offset benefits based on other earnings.

How Do I File a VA Disability Benefits Claim?

In order to obtain disability benefits, a veteran must file a claim with the VA.  The VA disability benefits claims process starts with the application, or the filing of the claim. A person seeking benefits must complete a claim form (VA 21-526) and submit it to the VA for review either online or by mail. The VA disability benefits claims process can be a complex, tangled web of paper work. 

At Insler & Hermann, LLP we help guide clients through the process by seeking out and reviewing medical and other evidence to ensure that they can establish each of the required elements of a successful benefits claim.


At Insler & Hermann, LLP, our VA disability benefits attorneys regularly represent  our clients in these claims, and are intimately familiar with both the claims process and how to prove a specific claim. We understand what the VA is looking for in a claim, and we know how to obtain the necessary evidence and present it in the most clear and convincing possible manner.


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