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Social Security Disability Tip of the Month 


What You Need to Know Before You Return to Work

If you are receiving SSD benefits you can always return to work. However when you return to work, how long the job lasts and how much you earn are three factors that determine what effect your work will have on continued receipt of benefits. Since those factors can lead to many different scenarios, at Insler & Hermann we deal with each work attempt on a case by case basis. We are happy to discuss this with you at any time if you are ready to go back to work. We have heard from clients as long as 15 years after a winning claim with questions about working!

You may return to work in what is known as a "trial work period," and receive benefits for up to nine months while you are working, regardless of how much you earn. If you show more than nine months of substantial earnings, your Social Security Benefits will cease. However, if you earn less than a certain amount (set annually by the Social Security Administration), it should have no effect on your ongoing receipt of benefits.

We always encourage our clients to try to go back to work if they are up to it, but we remind them to tell us before they do, so that we can advise them about what is likely to happen to their benefits once they do.

Wishing you good health and a very happy 2014. 

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