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Social Security Disability Tip of the Month 

Why Local Social Security Disability Attorneys

 Are Just Plain Better & Help You Win.  

We are part of your community.

 (Part 3 of a 3 part series) 

Why are local Social Security Disability attorneys just plain better at serving local clients?  


There are three interconnected reasons - 

Proximity, Attitude, and Community.




The third reason is community.  No large national disability advocacy group can  be committed to the community the way a local law firm is; they are just not connected to any community and cannot be as committed to its residents. 


We are local attorneys; we live and work in the same communities as the clients we represent. It is easy for our clients to come to our offices and meet with us face to face. 


Because we are local we are better suited to present your claim is the strongest possible way.  We know the doctors, we know the analysts and Judges and we know what they are looking for.  Our extensive experience with the claims process and our well-developed relationships with the personnel at the local Social Security offices gives you something the no national disability group can match

We have been practicing disability law in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for nearly three decades, and we have developed an excellent reputation among the people who will decide your Social Security Disability claim. 


This reputation is the result of the thorough preparation and presentation of every claim we submit. Our support staff includes a former manager at a local Social Security district office. The result is that we win almost twice as many claims at the initial level than the national average.


We know you by your name not a number, and we know what it takes to win your claim.


At Insler & Hermann, LLP we win almost three times the national average 
at the initial application level & more than twice the national average overall.    

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