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Social Social Security Disability Tip of the Month 


Why Local Social Security Disability Attorneys

 Are Just Plain Better 

(Part 1 of a 3 part series)


Why are local Social Security Disability attorneys servicing local clients - just plain better?  There are three interconnected reasons - Proximity, Attitude, and Mission.


First is proximity.  If you live close-by your Social Security Disability attorney's office, then you should expect a couple of things.  

1. You should expect personal service          

At Insler and Herman, LLP it's personal and we know you by your name NOT by your number.


2. You should expect that your local Social Security Disability attorneys knows the local court system better than some large national firm                 

At Insler & Hermann, LLP when we prepare your claim, we know what the Social Security Administration's analysts and judges are looking for, and we know how to present your claim in the strongest possible light. Our extensive experience with the system and our well-developed relationships with the personnel at many of the Social Security offices enable us to navigate the claims process efficiently and effectively.  Because we are so well respected, claims for the individuals we represent are given the proper attention and consideration by the staff, attorneys and judges who handle and decide cases. In fact, our support staff includes some who have spent years working for the Social Security Administration and their connections at the offices and understanding of how claims are handled is a great asset to us.


3. You should expect to speak to your attorney any time you ask to

You or someone close to you might even know their families. This is not the case with large national law firms where even if you could figure out who you needed to reach; it would be difficult, if not impossible to connect with them physically.  At Insler & Hermann, LLP our offices are in your neighborhood, you can always speak to an attorney and we meet with you face to face.


At Insler & Hermann, LLP we win almost three times the national average 

at the initial application level & more than twice the national average overall.    

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