Within the past month, I made presentations about Social Security Disability both to the public and to a local Bar Association. Attendees at both lectures received the same printed materials and heard slightly different oral presentations, tailored for the audience.

For the lawyers, my lecture was focused on what they should look for if clients call with questions about Social Security Disability. At the seminar that was open to the public, where the attendees already knew that they needed Social Security benefits, my presentation was about what they should expect as they go through the process.

The questions I fielded during both presentations were typical. The surprise was in the types of questions I was asked when everything was done. The attendees at the public presentation came up to tell me their stories and get my opinions.

The lawyers were all focused on one thing: the note at the end of my bio that I had appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy! I spent at least ten minutes going through the Jeopardy! selection process and my experience on the show in far more detail than anything I had told them about Social Security Disability!

Hanging in our interview room at our main office is a photo that was taken when I was on the show. At least half the people we meet with ask about it–and that’s exactly why it is there. My hope is that something as simple as a bit of personal information like that creates a connection with our clients that goes beyond the typical lawyer-client relationship.

The light bulb over my head just went on! It’s time to put something new in our ads: “As Seen on Jeopardy!”

Lew Insler