Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyerBefore filing a disability claim, first consult with an Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer. Submitting a disability benefits claim is often complicated and time consuming. With your claim, you must provide the Social Security Administration with compelling evidence and effective legal arguments. Our seasoned lawyers at Hermann Law Group, PLLC can help you through the complex process. We will not only administer legal representation, but we can also provide emotional support as well.

Do You Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

Not all medical issues are covered by Social Security disability benefits. In order to qualify, you will need to show the following:

  • Your inability to participate in meaningful activities
  • Your doctor’s diagnose of your serious medical issue
  • That your medical condition will last 12 months or more
  • That you equal one of the serious symptoms of a medical issue outlined by Social Security’s medical listing
  • Your inability to work within your job training or qualifications

Simply telling Social Security that you cannot work will not qualify you for benefits. You will also need to support your claims with evidence. This evidence includes medical records and doctors’ statements. An experienced Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer will help you gain the evidence that shows the way your medical issue affects your ability to work.

How to Complete the Filing Process

You will need to submit an application before you receive any disability benefits. This application will require extensive information, such as your work experience, medical condition, medical treatments, medication, and daily activities. We advise organizing your information before undergoing the application process. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help organize your information by:

  • Identifying the exact date your medical condition became disabling
  • Assembling all of your medical information (including the addresses and names of your medical physicians and doctors)
  • Determining how your medical issues impact your ability to work
  • Compiling a list of your work history (including your past employers, employment dates, and job duties)

This may sound like a ton of work, but each piece of information will allow Social Security to evaluate your claim. Your Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer can help you obtain the necessary information. Once you submit your application, the Administration will analyze your claim. Often, Social Security sends a consulting doctor to review your medical condition in order to issue a report. Based on its analysis of their findings, Social Security will either grant or reject your claim.

What to Do If Your Claim Is Rejected

The Administration denies between 30% to 40% of disability benefits applications, including legitimate claims. So, do not worry if they reject your benefits claim. Instead, you and your Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer can file a Request for Hearing. Even though you are allowed to represent yourself in an appeal, we advised against doing so. Many Social Security disability hearings are extremely complex and technical. You may be asked to do the following during your hearing:

  • Secure additional copies of your medical records
  • Take a transferable skills analysis
  • Deliberate with medical experts and doctors
  • Show that you meet a medical listing
  • Examine your Social Security file and supporting evidence
  • Build effective legal arguments which address Social Security laws and regulations
  • Complete legal forms and other paperwork
  • Develop written arguments
  • Give testimony to an administrative judge

Our Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer can guide you through the entire appeal process, craft your claim, and provide excellent representation during your hearing. Our knowledgeable lawyers can also establish if you qualify for an On the Record decision, which can outright avoid the appeal hearing altogether.

Picking Your Disability Benefits Lawyer

The key to a successful disability benefits claim is choosing the right lawyer that suites your needs. Consider the following when consulting with an Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer:

  • Does this particular attorney seem experienced?
  • Do they treat me with respect and listen to me?
  • Do I see myself spending a year or more working with this attorney?

Also ask the following questions when meeting with your potential lawyer:

  • Are you a licensed attorney?
  • Are you experienced with my medical condition?
  • Do you deal with Elmwood Park Social Security disability claims often?
  • How often can you meet before my hearing?
  • Are you going to personally attend my hearing?

If you’re not completely comfortable with a particular lawyer, do no sign their fee agreement. Instead, consider obtaining a second opinion from Hermann Law Group, PLLC.

Consult With an Elmwood Park NJ Social Security Disability Lawyer

At Hermann Law Group, PLLC, we will treat you and your case with respect and determination. We value our clients and will work tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome. Contact us for a free consultation, and remember that unless you win your claim, you will not have to pay us an attorney’s fee. If you’re ready to speak to an experienced Elmwood Park NJ Social Security disability lawyer, give us a call today.