Bogota NJ Social Security disability lawyerWithout assistance from a Bogota NJ Social Security disability lawyer, applying for Social Security benefits or appealing an adverse decision can be a stressful ordeal. At Hermann Law Group, our attorneys work closely with clients to help them understand their legal rights and to assist them through this challenging process. Develop a better understanding of how we handle Bogata NJ Social Security disability claims below.

An Overview of Social Security Disability and SSI

The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) provides two forms of disability-related benefits.  First, SSA provides what is called Social Security Disability (SSD). SSD is available to workers who have obtained a sufficient number of “work credits” and who cannot work for at least 12 months because of their disability. Second, SSA provides what is referred to as Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”). SSI is available to adults with low incomes who cannot work for at least 12 months and who can establish specific medical issues.

Based on your circumstances, including your income and employment history, you may be eligible for SSD and SSI benefits. Although it may appear easy to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, it requires significant legal analysis and medical documentation. To assist you in applying for these benefits, your Bogota NJ Social Security disability lawyer will evaluate the following:

  • The gravity of your medical conditions,
  • The quality of your medical evidence,
  • Your:
    • education, work history, and skills,
    • mental capacity,
    • physical impediments,
    • age, and
    • any other factors that may impact your claim.

You want to make sure that your application is virtually flawless as even one error can lead to a denial of benefits.

How to File a Bogota NJ Social Security Appeal

To receive Social Security disability benefits, you will first need to file an application. Although people sometimes file independently, we strongly advise that you hire a Bogota NJ Social Security disability lawyer who can guide you through this complicated process. Sadly, SSA rejects an overwhelming number of meritorious applications.

If SSA denies your application, you are required to file an appeal within 60 days of your denial. Otherwise, you will have to restart the entire process and reapply for benefits. Filing a successful appeal typically involves the following:

  • Filing a timely Request for Hearing,
  • Submitting a Disability Appeal Report,
  • Evaluating your Social Security records,
  • Locating any missing information,
  • Presenting any evidence and legal authority to the administrative law judge (ALJ),
  • Identifying reasons that would merit an accelerated hearing,
  • Offering testimony to the ALJ,
  • Cross-examining any adverse witnesses,
  • Assessing the ALJ’s decision, and
  • Entering an On the Record Request (where necessary).

Because of the time associated with finishing this process, it may take over 12 months to complete your appeal. At Hermann Law Group, our Bogota NJ Social Security disability lawyer offers clients an individualized approach to Social Security appeals. By providing advice that is narrowly tailored to your specific circumstances, our attorneys can make sure that you have the best chance to prevail on your appeal.

Is a Bogota NJ Social Security Disability Lawyer Necessary?

Submitting Social Security disability claims can be a complex task. You will need to evaluate your medical evidence and analyze the governing law, as well as develop arguments that will support your claims. However, most individuals applying for Social Security disability benefits cannot navigate this overwhelming process on their own — particularly if they are suffering from a debilitating medical condition.

Hiring our attorneys will give you an opportunity to concentrate on your health in addition to providing you with peace of mind. A Bogota NJ Social Security disability lawyer will put together your claim, as well as assist you in completing any necessary paperwork. We can also help you appeal an adverse decision.

Does It Matter Which Attorney I Hire?

It is important to remember that not all Social Security attorneys provide the same level or quality of service. Before signing a fee agreement with an attorney, you will want to determine whether they are well-suited for your particular needs and whether you think they will be able handle your claims in a professional manner. Moreover, you will want to consider whether the attorney is:

  • Licensed and in good standing,
  • Experienced in dealing with Social Security appeals,
  • Able to file supplemental appeals when needed,
  • Knowledgeable about your particular medical conditions, and
  • Aware of how both your Social Security hearing office and its ALJs function.

If you do not feel comfortable with an attorney or don’t believe they will be able to handle your claims properly, make sure not to sign their fee agreement. Instead, you should reach out to the Hermann Law Group to receive a second opinion.

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