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Difference Between SSI Benefits and Social Security Disability

Even though SSI and Social Security disability both offer benefits to Americans with disabilities, they differ on the types of benefits they offer and their eligibility requirements. Your work history, household income, or other factors dictate whether you’re eligible to receive SSI, Social Security disability, or a combination of both.

SSD Eligibility

The following conditions will determine if you’re eligible to receive Social Security disability:

  • Out of the last ten years, you’ve worked for at least five
  • A medical practitioner diagnosed you with a serve medical problem, and
  • You are unable to work for 1 year because of your issue.

You can start to collect benefits as soon as you meet the criteria above and Social Security approves your claim. If you’re eligible for Social Security for two years, you can then apply for Medicare.

In most cases, an inadequate history of work blocks most people from receiving their Social Security disability. Unfortunately, that specific fact even applies to people with longstanding disabilities, family caregivers, and young adults.

SSI Eligibility

Fortunately, that’s where Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, comes in. If you do not meet the requirements for Social Security, you can still be eligible for SSI based on these conditions:

  • Your countable, household income and other financial resources
  • Your medical conditions severity, and
  • If your issues prevent your from working for at least 12 months.

Last year, SSI countable income limits were $735 for singles and $1,103 for couples. Keep in mind that your SSI payments will most likely be less than what you might receive from Social Security disability. In addition to that, SSI will provide you with Medicaid, not Medicare.

In order to determine if you can qualify for either Social Security disability for SSI, you must first review your earning and medical records. If you’re still not sure if you qualify for either of these benefits, consult a Dover Plains NY Social Security disability lawyer now.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability in Dover Plains NY

Social Security lets you either apply online or at your local office. Either way, before you apply, you must compile all your evidence. The Social Security Administration will ask for the following information:

  • Specific medical problems and the date these problems became disabling
  • The names and contact information of all your medical providers
  • Training and vocational skills
  • Physical and mental capabilities
  • Living and financial situation

The SSA will also analyze your entire medical record after you complete your application. Sometimes, they will also make you see one of their consulting doctors in order to accurately assess your current physical and mental health. Following this exam, the SSA will then decide to either approve or deny your claim. With the help of a Dover Plains NY Social Security disability lawyer, you’re more likely to get an approval. However, sometimes the SSA will still deny your application. If you’re denied, what can you do next?

Appealing a Denied Claim Successfully

Do not give up if the SSA denies your claim. In fact, 65 percent of disability applications are denied. Fortunately, an experienced Dover Plains NY Social Security disability lawyer can help overturn most denials through an appeal.

Here are some common reasons claims are denied:

  • You did not provide all your medical records
  • Social Security did not fully understand your doctor’s opinions
  • You gave inaccurate or false information during your application
  • Every form wasn’t filled out
  • You did not list all of your medical conditions

Once your claim is denied, your Dover Plains NY Social Security disability lawyer will review your claim with you in order to correct any problems.

A Request for Reconsideration must be submitted no longer than 60 days from your denied claim. If you miss this deadline, then you must start the entire process over. If your appeal is then also denied, then a formal hearing can be requested. Your Dover Plains NY Social Security disability lawyer can help you get ready for your hearing by preparing the following:

  • Obtaining evidence that supports and explains your claim
  • Helping you fill out any necessary form
  • Informing you on all aspects of appeals
  • Requesting an on-the-record decisions (when applicable)

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