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What Qualifies as a Disability?


What Conditions Qualify for SSD and SSI? Each year, the federal government issues a release in which they describe the various conditions that would qualify an applicant for SSD or SSI. This is known as the Blue Book. None of what is mentioned there is entirely useful, though. That's because those with the conditions mentioned [...]

What Qualifies as a Disability?2021-08-17T11:45:48+00:00

How to Get Long Term Disability Approved


It’s no secret that getting long-term disability (LTD) benefits approved is a frustrating process, to say the least. Insurance companies will render half decisions, continuously require more paperwork and proof, and after that, deny your claim anyway. Meanwhile, your own doctor is telling you that you shouldn’t return to work, bills are piling up, and [...]

How to Get Long Term Disability Approved2018-11-28T20:09:26+00:00

How Your Doctor’€™s Opinion Can Help Your Social Security Claim


An opinion from your doctor can help your claim for Social Security disability benefits or SSI.  Social Security decision makers place significant weight on a treating doctor’s opinion about a claimant’s ability to work.  But getting a proper opinion from your doctor is not always easy.  Why?  Because doctors are very busy people and not [...]

How Your Doctor’€™s Opinion Can Help Your Social Security Claim2016-05-26T18:05:47+00:00
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