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Wappinger Falls Disability Lawyer
If you have been injured recently and will be unable to work as a result, you need a knowledgeable and experienced Wappinger Falls Social Security disability lawyer. At Hermann Law Group, our attorneys have the requisite experience to succeed in your Social Security disability case.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Most people work their entire lives and pay into their Social Security the entire time. Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI) was designed to provide financial assistance to people who have been sick or injured and are unable to work as a result. Upon realizing you are no longer able to work, your first instinct will be to file a SSDI claim. Unfortunately, most SSDI claims are denied. You can have a legitimate claim and be entitled to relief and still have your application denied. This can lead many people to givep on their claims and struggle financially as a result. At Hermann Law Group, our Wappinger Falls Social Security disability lawyers understand the convoluted process and are able to navigate their way around the red tape and subsequently get your SSDI case approved.

SSDI Appeal Process

Upon your case being denied initially, your appeal of that denial is a very lengthy process. The SSDI appellate process can take two years or much longer in many occasions. This creates severe financial distress as you have no money coming in while your case is on appeal. The lack of finances over this period puts you in a very bad situation. You could end up depleting your retirement, lose your life savings, getting into debt or have to borrow money from your family members in order to survive while you await your case’s decision. The Wappinger Falls Social Security disability lawyers at Hermann Law Group have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your case approved in a timely manner.

The Benefits of Having an Attorney File Your SSDI Case

Wappinger Falls Social Security disability lawyerMany people are resistant to retaining an attorney to file their SSDI case. They would prefer to file it on their own and not have to pay someone to file their case. If you are not an attorney or someone extremely knowledgeable of SSDI, you will severely impair your case and will most likely be denied. Below are some reasons why hiring an experienced SSDI lawyer is the best choice for you:

Explaining the process so you can understand

Attorneys can help explain the SSDI process to you and the different laws that may be relevant to your case. It is their job to be up to date on the recent changes in SSDI law. This allows them to have a much better understanding of the process and help you understand what you are entitled to.

Proper documentation and development of medical evidence

Medical records are the most important aspect of  an SSDI claim. You are alleging that you can no longer earn a living due to a medical illness or injury. Attorneys understand what questions to ask medical experts(doctors, etc.), what type of medical evidence is useful (x-rays, MRIs, doctor notes). Also, attorneys know how to properly present the medical evidence when the time comes to submit your claim.

Getting your case filed in a timely and thorough manner

Attorneys will normally file your case in both a timely and efficient manner. They will ensure everything necessary is included. This allows your case to get approved more quickly as well as get your case approved faster.

Mental illness/impairment claims

Many people suffer from a mental illness or are mentally impaired. Those type of claims are extremely difficult to prove in an SSDI claim. Most people who file this type of claim will be denied at a higher rate than the cases where physical impairment is alleged. An experienced SSDI attorney understands how difficult these cases are and has the experience to file a mental illness or impairment claim built to succeed.

Special circumstances

Your case may require a faster decision than the normal process. Without an attorney, you will not know how and what to file that can help speed your process up. You may also need someone to get in contact with your creditors to keep them off your back. Attorneys can help with these type of situations.

Hearing preparation

If your case has to go to a hearing, you will need an experienced attorney. An attorney can properly prepare you for the questions you will face at your hearing.


If your claim is denied initially, you will subsequently have to appeal the case to a higher court. Without an experienced attorney, you will not succeed in getting your case approved.

Contact a Wappinger Falls Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you need an experienced and knowledgeable Wappinger Falls Social Security disability lawyer, call Hermann Law Group today at 845-298-0065. We can help you get your SSDI case approved.

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