What To Do If You Are Denied Veterans Disability Benefits in New York


New York offers veterans a range of benefits, including aid and attendance pensions, property tax exemptions, tuition programs, compensation for active duty, employment benefits, among other things. As a veteran, it is not always straightforward ensuring you receive the benefits that you qualify for.  If your application is denied, that does not necessarily mean that [...]

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What Medical Conditions Qualify For Long Term Disability


If you have a condition preventing you from making a living, you have a right to assistance and care. For those who require it, long-term disability is a vital resource that provides peace of mind and financial security during a time when they need it most. No one wants to endure a life-changing injury or [...]

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Should You Hire An Attorney to File a Veterans Disability Claim?


Are you looking to file a disability claim with the VA? Do you think you might need some assistance? Well, you might benefit by hiring a veterans disability attorney. In essence, a VA disability lawyer specializes in disability claims with Veterans Affairs. By hiring one, you improve the likelihood of your claim being a success. [...]

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Good Cause for Late Social Security Disability Appeals


If you do not meet the deadline for appealing a denial of your Social Security disability claim, you may ask that the Social Security Administration (SSA) extend the deadline by finding that there was good cause for missing the deadline. To do so, include with your appeal a detailed letter explaining why the request for [...]

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The Disability Review Process


The process of obtaining disability income through the Social Security Administration (SSA) is most often a lengthy and involved process. An experienced New York disability lawyer can advise you regarding what you will need to do for your claim to succeed and what to expect along the way.   Actually getting a Social Security award [...]

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Social Security Benefits


Is Social Security Doomed? PART 1 Most of our clients come to us to help them get Social Security Disability (also known as DIB: Disability Insurance Benefits). But some of them are already 62 or turn 62 as their DIB claims are pending, which makes them eligible for RIB (Retirement Insurance Benefits, or "regular" Social [...]

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Social Security News


Stimulus Bill Means Good News for SS Claimants Good News! The U.S. Government's Stimulus Bill contains provisions that will help Social Security Disability claimants. With all the bleak news in the media about the economy, job loss, and whether the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009--commonly referred to as the Stimulus Bill-- will be [...]

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Disability Claim Lawyers


How a Disability Attorney in NJ Can Help With Your Disability Claim If you have applied or are considering applying for disability, our disability lawyers in NJ may be able to help you obtain benefits by working with your treating doctor. When someone attempts to earn disability benefits, the Social Security Administration often asks the [...]

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Claiming Social Security Spousal Benefits


Filing for Social Security Benefits of a Deceased Spouse Filing for Social Security in New Rochelle is the same process as anywhere else in the United States, but having a local attorney representing your case is always a good idea for obtaining the best results. Claiming survivor benefits associated with an untimely death is not [...]

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Types of Disability Benefits


New York Social Security Disability Lawyers: Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is Social Security Disability? A. Social Security Disability, also called SSD, SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or DIB (Disability Insurance Benefits), is a benefit received by disabled workers and/or their dependents from the Social Security Administration. Just as you may begin collecting "regular" Social [...]

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Are Social Security Benefits Taxed


Should You Apply for Social Security Disability While Receiving Worker's Compensation? Bergen County Disability Attorneys Explain Social Security Disability and Worker's Compensation: Are you receiving worker’s compensation benefits?  Have you been told that you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability payments from the Social Security Administration in addition to your worker’s comp.?  Here [...]

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Disabled Veteran Benefits


One of the most honorable things people can do is serve their country in the military. That said, the job of a soldier is not an easy one and many who have served suffer disabilities as a result. If you were injured while on active duty, you may qualify for veteran's disability benefits. The Veterans [...]

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How to Win a Social Security Disability Hearing


What You Can Expect at Your Social Security Disability Hearing A hearing before an Administrative Law Judge is perhaps the most crucial stage in your claim for disability benefits. It is the only time you will go face to face with the individual who is going to determine your eligibility for benefits. Just as important [...]

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Disability Evaluation Under Social Security


Social Security Disability: Listing of Impairments Explained by a New York Social Security Disability Attorney One of the quickest ways to qualify for Social Security disability benefits is to have an impairment that fits within the Social Security Administration’s Listing of Impairments. The listed impairments are spelled out in the regulations and if your condition [...]

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Social Security Appeal


What if My Application for Social Security Benefits Is Denied? You’ve filed your application for Social Security disability benefits and are waiting anxiously for a decision.  While you should keep a positive frame of mind, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for the possibility that your social security benefits is denied.  Why?  Because most [...]

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