An effective Millbrook NY Social Security disability lawyer can increase your chances of successfully submitting a Social Security disability claim. Because the process of Social Security disability is complex, obtaining an approved claim requires extensive knowledge. Fortunately, at Hermann Law Group PLLC, our experienced legal team has that extensive knowledge.

Suffering debilitating symptoms and out of work? Read about how to successfully submit a Social Security disability claim below. Your financial future does not need to suffer because of your disability.

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SSI Benefits vs. Social Security Disability

Both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security disability offer disabled Americans benefits. Yet, both offer different types of benefits benefits, as well as have different requirements for eligibility. Based on your history of work, income, or other applicable factors, you can either obtain SSI or Social Security disability. You can sometimes also obtain a combination of both as well.

Social Security Disability Eligibility

You must meet these conditions in order to receive Social Security disability benefits:

  • You’ve worked for five of the past ten years
  • A medical practitioner diagnosed your medical condition, and
  • Your condition prohibits you from working for an entire year.

Once you meet the above conditions, and after Social Security approves your claim, you can then begin to receive your benefits immediately. If you also meet those same requirements for at least two years, then you can also apply for Medicare.

Unfortunately, an incomplete history of work stops most people from receiving Social Security disability benefits. The following people are most at risk of this fact: family caregivers, young adults, and longstanding disabled Americans.

Supplemental Security Income Eligibility

Fortunately, if you’re denied Social Security disability you can still qualify for supplemental security income. SSI eligibility requirements are based on the these conditions:

  • Your financial resources and countable income
  • Your medical condition’s severity, and
  • If your disability prevents you from working at least a full year.

The 2017 SSI countable income limit for singles was $735 and for couples was $1,103. Keep in mind that SSI payments are usually less than what Social Security benefits payout. Also, SSI does not provide Medicare, but offers Medicaid instead. 

Determine if you meet SSI or Social Security disability eligibility requirements by reviewing your earning history and medical records. You can also speak to an experienced Millbrook NY Social Security disability lawyer to help you make that determination.

Applying for Social Security Disability in Millbrook NY

Apply in-person or online for Social Security disability benefits. But, before you start the application process, organize and collect every piece of your evidence. The Social Security Administration will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Medical issues and when they became debilitating
  • Doctor’s contact information
  • Work training and vocational skills
  • Current physical and mental capacity
  • Living situation and financial history

The SSA will analyze your full medical record once you’ve completed and submitted your application. Sometimes, they require that you get examined by their consulting doctor. During your exam, their doctor will assess your physical and mental state of health. Once they receive their doctor’s prognosis, the administration will then either deny or approve your application. With the help of a Millbrook NY Social Security disability lawyer your application has a higher chanced of obtaining an approval. However, even with a lawyer’s help, sometimes the SSA will still deny your claim. If your claim is denied, then what’s the next step?

Appealing a Denied Claim

Do not give up if your claim is denied. Unfortunately, the adminstration denies around 65 percent off Social Security disability applications. Fortunately, with a seasoned Millbrook NY Social Security disability lawyer fighting for on your side, you can successfully overturn a denied application through an appeal.

Common reasons the vast majority of claims are denied includes:

  • Not providing your full medical record
  • Miscommunication between your doctor and the SSA about your issue
  • Providing false or inaccurate information on your application
  • Not completing every form on your application
  • Failing to list every medical condition

If your application is denied, then your Millbrook NY Social Security disability lawyer will help you analyze your claim and fix every problem.

Submit a Request for Reconsideration no longer than 60 days from the date your claim was denied. Unfortunately, if you fail to adhere to this deadline, then you have to start the application process over. If your appeal is also denied, then request a formal hearing. In preparation of your hearing, you and your Millbrook NY Social Security disability lawyer should do the following:

  • Collect every relevant piece of evidence
  • Fill out all required forms and paperwork
  • Learn about every aspect of appeals
  • Request an on-the-record decision (if available)

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