Chelsea NY Social Security Disability LawyerWithout consulting a Chelsea NY Social Security disability lawyer, filing a Social Security disability claim may seem like a daunting process. You need extensive knowledgeable of the Social Security administration to successfully submit a claim. However, obtaining that knowledge may be hard if your not working, suffering severe medical symptoms, and facing financial instability. Fortunately, our experienced lawyers at Hermann Law Group are here to help.

Social Security Disability Benefits Compared to SSI

Both SSI and Social Security disability offer disabled Americans benefits. However, they do differ by the type of benefits offered and the requirements for eligibility. Based on your work history, income, or other specific factors, you may only qualify for SSI or disability benefits, or you may qualify for a combination of both.

How to Qualify

The following are the conditions for qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. You:

  • Have work history for five of the last ten years,
  • Were diagnosed by a medical professional with a debilitating medical issue, and
  • Will be out of work for 12 months due to your conditions,

Should you meet the above requirements, and if Social Security then approves your claim, then you can start to receive monthly benefit payments. If you meet eligibility for two years, then you are also eligible for Medicare.

A limited work history is the most common reason people lose eligibility for Social Security. You’ll especially see that reason among young adults, people who suffer longstanding disabilities, and family caregivers. Fortunately, if you do have a limited work history, then you may meet the eligibility criteria for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI eligibility criteria is based on the following:

  • Your income and financial resources (also referred to as “countable income”),
  • The severity of your medical issues, and
  • That your issues limit you from working for 12 months.

Last year (2017), SSI limits for countable income was only $735 for a single person and $1,103 for couples. Though SSI payments are generally less than what you’d receive for Social Security disability, you’d also receive Medicaid coverage (instead of Medicare).

An Attorney Can Help You Determine Whether You Qualify

You cannot determine whether you qualify for disability or SSI without first reviewing your complete medical and earning records. If you’re unsure whether you qualify or not, contact a Chelsea NY Social Security disability lawyer today.

Application Process for Beacon NY Social Security

Social Security allows you to apply for benefits in person at your local Beacon office or online. Though, whether you choose to apply in person or online, you must first organize and compile your evidence beforehand. During your application, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Current health issues and the date at which those issues became severe and disabling
  • All of your medical providers contact information and names
  • Vocational qualifications
  • Mental and physical ability
  • Current financial situation and living circumstances

Once your application is complete, Social Security will assess your medical records. More often than not, they will also schedule an exam with their doctors to determine your mental and physical health. Based on the results of that exam, Social Security will either deny or approve your claim. Our Chelsea NY Social Security disability lawyer will do what they can to obtain an approval. However, the administration can still deny your claim. If your claim is denied, what’s the next step?

Obtaining an Appeal for a Denied Claim

If your claim is denied, do not give up. Unfortunately, about 65 percent of all benefits claims are denied by the administration. Fortunately, with your Chelsea NY Social Security disability lawyer, your denied claim can be overturned by an appeal. Considering the following reasons for why your claim was denied:

  • Social Security did not receive your entire your medical records
  • The administration misinterpreted your medical provider’s opinions
  • You gave inaccurate information on your application
  • You did not complete all necessary forms
  • Failure to list all your serious medical issues

Our Chelsea NY Social Security disability lawyer can help you analyze your application and correct every issue.

You need to file a Request for Reconsideration within a 60-day time frame from your denial. If you do not meet this strict deadline, then you must restart the application process over. After submitting your appeal, if that appeal is denied, then you can request a formal hearing. The 60-day time frame also applies for requesting a hearing.

As you wait for your hearing to begin, your Chelsea NY Social Security disability lawyer can start to draft your claim and prepare other information for the hearing. Your lawyer can help you prepare the following:

  • Collecting all evidence that explains and supports your claim
  • Assisting in completing any necessary forms
  • Reviewing the entire hearing process with you
  • If applicable, requesting an expedited hearing or an on-the-record decision
  • Providing emotional support and guidance

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