Pawling NY Social Security Disability LawyerBecause of the complexity of Social Security disability, successfully filing a claim requires the expertise of a Pawling NY Social Security disability lawyer. Are you currently out of work and suffering from debilitating medical issues? Your medical disability doesn’t need to interfere with your financial future. Learn about the process of applying for Social Security disability below. For more information, contact Hermann Law Group PLLC today.

Social Security Disability vs. Supplemental Security Income

Social Security disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are similar in that they both offer benefits to Americans with disabilities. However, that is where their similarities end. Both Social Security disability and SSI offer different benefits and require different eligibility criteria, which are delineated below. Depending on your work history and income, as well as other relevant factors, you may be eligible for Social Security disability or SSI, or a combination of both.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Eligibility

In order to receive SSD benefits you must meet these specific conditions:

  • You have worked five of the last ten years
  • Your medical issue is diagnosed by a doctor or practitioner
  • Your medical condition holds you back from working for an entire year

If you meet the conditions listed above and the SSA approves your claim, then you can begin to receive benefits immediately. Furthermore, if you meet these requirements for at least two years, then you can also apply for Medicare.

One reason many people fail to meet Social Security disability requirements is insufficient work history. Unfortunately, people most at risk of falling under that category includes family caregivers, Americans with long-lasting disabilities, and younger adults.

Supplemental Security Income Benefits and Eligibility

Don’t meet the eligibility criteria for Social Security disability? Fortunately, Supplemental Security Income is easier to obtain. In fact, most people that do not qualify for disability still qualify for SSI benefits. Eligibility criteria for SSI is typically based off of these conditions:

  • Your entire countable income and other financial resources
  • The extent of your medical condition’s severity
  • If your condition prevents you from being able to work for an entire year

Countable income limit for SSI in 2018 was:

  • $735 for singles
  • $1,103 for couples

Keep in mind that SSI payments usually pay less than Social Security disability. Also, SSI can only provide Medicaid rather than Medicare.

Gather and review your earnings and medical records to determine if you qualify for Social Security disability or SSI. If you need further help in determining which one is right for you, consider consulting a Pawling NY Social Security disability lawyer to make an accurate assessment.

Social Security Disability Application Process

Apply for Social Security disability by filing online or in-person at your nearest branch. However, no matter how you file, you must collect and organize every piece of evidence that supports your disability before you begin the application process. The Social Security Administration will ask you to give the following information:

  • Your medical issues and the dates they became disabling
  • All medical practitioners’ contact information
  • Any information regarding work training and vocational skills
  • Your capabilities, both mental and physical
  • Your living situation and financial standing

After you complete your application, the Administration will analyze your entire medical record. Further examination from SSA’s consulting doctors may be required. During these exams, the doctor will review your current physical and mental condition. The doctor will then give their professional opinion to Social Security. The Administration must then decide to approve or deny your claim.

To help ensure the success of your application, consult with a Pawling NY Social Security disability lawyer as soon as possible. Yet, this is not a guarantee. Sometimes Social Security even denies claims represented by a disability lawyer. When that happens, what are your options?

Appealing a Denied Disability Claim

If you’re denied Social Security disability, you still have options. The fact of the matter is that the Administration denies an average of 65 percent of Social Security disability claims. Fortunately, with your Pawling NY Social Security disability lawyer you can successfully overturn your denied claim. How? Through an appeal.

Here are a few common reasons claims are often denied:

  • Not providing all of your medical records
  • A miscommunication between your doctor and Social Security
  • Providing inaccurate or false information on your claim
  • Not filing out every form on the application
  • Not listing all of your medical conditions

If your claim gets denied, your experienced Pawling NY Social Security disability lawyer will inspect your entire application and help you fix any issue.

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