Englewood NJ Social Security Disability Lawyer, Englewood Disability LawyerAn experienced Englewood NJ Social Security disability lawyer can help make the Social Security disability application and appeals process less stressful. At Hermann Law Group, we can put our knowledge and experience to work in helping you achieve the best possible outcome. We will help you understand your rights, craft effective legal arguments, and provide support during the stressful process. Learn more about how we handle Social Security disability claims below.

Social Security Disability vs. Supplemental Security Income

Social Security disability benefits provide disabled workers with a much needed safety net. Though most people consider all disability-related benefits as Social Security disability, there are actually two types:

  • Social Security Disability (SSD) is paid to workers who cannot work for 12 months or more due to a medical condition and also have sufficient “work credits”.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is paid to adults of low-income households who cannot work for 12 months or to children that hold specific medical criteria.

You might be eligible to receive both SSD and SSI benefits depending upon your work history and income level. Unfortunately, though the requirements for disability benefits eligibility sounds simple, they actually demand detailed medical and legal analysis. You must assess the following questions with your Englewood NJ Social Security disability lawyer:

  • How severe is your medical condition?
  • How strong is your medical evidence?
  • What is/are your:
    • education, skills, and work history?
    • mental capacity?
    • physical limitations?
    • your age?
  • Are there other factors that can impact your disability claim?

It is vital that you understand the importance of the questions above. Even a single mistake could result in a denial of benefits as well as a lengthy legal battle.

Filing an Englewood NJ Social Security Appeal

You must first file an application in order to start the Social Security disability benefits process. Though you can file an application on your own, we recommend you hire an Englewood NJ Social Security disability lawyer. The fact of the matter is that the Social Security Administration rejects a large number of disability applications — even legitimate claims.

If your application is rejected, you still have some options. With the help of your attorney, file an appeal as soon as possible. If your appeal is not submitted within 60 days of your denial, then you must restart the entire application process. Your appeal should include the following:

  • Submitting a Request for Hearing in a timely manner
  • Filing a Disability Appeal Report
  • Determining any missing information or evidence
  • Analyzing your entire Social Security file
  • Sharing your legal arguments and evidence with the administrative law judge (AJL)
  • Submitting an On the Record request when needed
  • Providing testimony to the ALJ
  • Determining any factors that could warrant an expedited hearing
  • Cross-examining any witnesses
  • Analyzing the ALJ’s judgment

Unfortunately, the appeal process is a time consuming and detailed process. It can take a year or more to complete.

Our lawyers take an individualized approach to Social Security appeals. We believe that no two Social Security claimants are the same. Often, when examining Social Security files, you can discover obvious errors or missing information made by the Social Security Administration. Correctly identifying these errors can help lead to a favorable outcome. Also, we believe that empowering our clients will help them make better educated decisions about their claims.

Why Do I Need an Englewood NJ Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Social Security disability claims can be complex as well as time-consuming. They require carefully analyzing medical evidence, interpreting the laws and regulations of Social Security, and crafting compelling and factual legal arguments. Most claimants simply cannot handle Social Security claims on their own. This is especially true if they’re struggling with debilitating pain or require extensive medical treatment.

Hiring an Englewood NJ Social Security disability lawyer will allow you to focus on your personal health. Our seasoned legal team can prepare your claim for you, help you fill out any forms, and guide you through the entire process. In return, you will pay your attorney a contingency fee, which means if you lose your case, you will not owe any fees. However, it is important to remember that not all Social Security lawyers are the same. Make sure your potential lawyer is a good fit before signing any attorney fee agreements. Consider the following when selecting an attorney:

  • Are they a licensed attorney?
  • Do they have extensive experience in handling Social Security appeals?
  • Are they capable of filing additional appeals if necessary?
  • Do they understand your medical condition?
  • Are they knowledgeable with your ALJ and Social Security hearing office?

Do not sign any fee agreement if you are not completely comfortable with the lawyer. Instead, considering seeking a second opinion from Hermann Law Group.

Scheduling a Consultation With an Englewood NJ Social Security Disability Lawyer

We’re ready to fight alongside you to help you obtain your Social Security disability benefits. Contact an Englewood NJ Social Security disability lawyer at Hermann Law Group to get a free consultation.