Beacon NY Social Security Disability LawyerWithout the help of a Beacon NY Social Security disability lawyer, you may feel lost in filing a Social Security disability claim. In order to successfully file your disability claim, you must have an extensive knowledgeable of the Social Security claims process.

If you are out of work, dealing with severe symptoms, and financial instability, filing for Social Security may seem impossible. Fortunately, our seasoned legal team at Hermann Law Group PLLC is here to help.

Social Security Disability vs. SSI Benefits

While both Social Security disability and SSI pay disabled Americans benefits, they offer different benefits and differ on eligibility criteria. Depending on your income, work history, or other factors, you can either qualify for disability benefits or SSI, or even a combination of both.

Based on your income reported to the IRS, Social Security disability is an acquired benefit. You can qualify for Social Security disability if the following conditions are met:

  • You’ve worked for five of the last ten years,
  • You were diagnosed with a severe medical condition, and
  • You cannot work for 12 months because of your conditions,

If you meet the above criteria and Social Security approves your application, then you will collect benefit payments monthly. Also, after meeting two years of eligibility, you can then qualify for Medicare.

Unfortunately, limited work history causes most people their eligibility for Social Security. That fact applies particularly to family caregivers, young adults, and people who suffer longstanding disabilities. Fortunately, if you face those specific circumstances, you might still meet the eligibility requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The requirements for SSI eligibility is based on the following:

  • Your financial resources and household income (also known as “countable income”),
  • How severe your medical conditions are, and
  • If your conditions inhibit your ability to work for 12 months.

In 2017, the limits of SSI countable income were $735 for single people and $1,103 for couples. While SSI payments are often less than Social Security disability benefits, they also provide Medicaid coverage (rather than Medicare).

You cannot accurately determine if you qualify for SSI or disability without reviewing your medical and earning records. For any questions regarding whether you qualify or not, consult a Beacon NY Social Security disability lawyer now.

Applying for Social Security Disability in Beacon NY

You can either apply for Social Security disability benefits in person at your local Social Security office or online. However, whether you apply online or in person, remember to compile and organize all your evidence beforehand. You will be asked to provide the following information regarding your:

  • Specific health problems and the date that your conditions became disabling and severe
  • Medical providers names and other contact information
  • Vocational qualifications and training
  • Mental and physical capabilities
  • Finances and living situation

After completing your application, Social Security will review all of your medical records. Often, they will schedule exams with their consulting doctors to assess your current mental and physical health. Based on that exam, Social Security can then deny or approve your application. Your Beacon NY Social Security disability lawyer will do everything in their power to secure an approval. However, sometimes the administration will still deny your claim. Then what do you do?

How to Successfully Appeal a Denied Claim

Do not give up if your claim is denied. Unfortunately, 65 percent of applications are denied by Social Security. Though, with the help of a Beacon NY Social Security disability lawyer, most of these denied claims are overturned by an appeal. Your application may have been denied for these reasons:

  • Social Security was not fully provided your medical records
  • The administration misinterpreted the opinions of your doctor
  • Inaccurate information was given during the application process
  • You failed to complete every form
  • You didn’t list every one of your serious medical issues

Your Beacon NY Social Security disability lawyer will help you review your claim and correct any issues.

You must file your Request for Reconsideration no latter than 60 days after your denial. Should you miss this strict deadline, then you will need to restart the entire application process over again. Once you submit your appeal, if it’s denied, then you will need to request a formal hearing. There is also a 60-day deadline for requesting your hearing.

As you wait for the date of your hearing, your Beacon NY Social Security disability lawyer will develop your entire claim, as well as prepare for the hearing. This process involves the following:

  • Collecting evidence to explain and support your claim
  • Assisting you in filling out all necessary forms
  • Reviewing with you the entire hearing process
  • Educating you on appeals
  • If applicable, requesting an on-the-record decision or an expedited hearing
  • Providing guidance and emotional support

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