The process of obtaining disability income through the Social Security Administration (SSA) is most often a lengthy and involved process. An experienced New York disability lawyer can advise you regarding what you will need to do for your claim to succeed and what to expect along the way.


Actually getting a Social Security award could involve both administrative and court procedures. Obtaining social security benefits is about determination, perseverance, and know-how –in addition, to having a severe disabling condition that prevents you from working. First off, be prepared that your initial application will most likely be denied by the SSA. If your initial requests are denied, you can appeal those determinations and eventually request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Each time you may have the ability to present new evidence depending. Your New York disability lawyer can advise you when you are able, what to present, and how to best present new evidence. The hearing before the ALJ is very important. This is the most likely point in the process for your disability claim to be approved.  


Even if your claim is denied, it may be appealed to the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council can accept or deny your appeal.  If it accepts your appeal, it can rule on it favorably, modify it, or remand it back to the ALJ for further review. The decision of the Appeals Council will be your final decision of the administrative process.


However, you still may have your decision reviewed through the federal court system. An experienced New York disability lawyer can file your claim in the proper district court. If the decision that you receive in the district court is still unsatisfactory, you can appeal that decision.  


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