Social Security Benefits


Is Social Security Doomed? PART 1 Most of our clients come to us to help them get Social Security Disability (also known as DIB: Disability Insurance Benefits). But some of them are already 62 or turn 62 as their DIB claims are pending, which makes them eligible for RIB (Retirement Insurance Benefits, or "regular" Social [...]

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Social Security News


Stimulus Bill Means Good News for SS Claimants Good News! The U.S. Government's Stimulus Bill contains provisions that will help Social Security Disability claimants. With all the bleak news in the media about the economy, job loss, and whether the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009--commonly referred to as the Stimulus Bill-- will be [...]

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Disability Claim Lawyers


How a Disability Attorney in NJ Can Help With Your Disability Claim If you have applied or are considering applying for disability, our disability lawyers in NJ may be able to help you obtain benefits by working with your treating doctor. When someone attempts to earn disability benefits, the Social Security Administration often asks the [...]

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Claiming Social Security Spousal Benefits


Filing for Social Security Benefits of a Deceased Spouse Filing for Social Security in New Rochelle is the same process as anywhere else in the United States, but having a local attorney representing your case is always a good idea for obtaining the best results. Claiming survivor benefits associated with an untimely death is not [...]

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How Your Doctor’€™s Opinion Can Help Your Social Security Claim


An opinion from your doctor can help your claim for Social Security disability benefits or SSI.  Social Security decision makers place significant weight on a treating doctor’s opinion about a claimant’s ability to work.  But getting a proper opinion from your doctor is not always easy.  Why?  Because doctors are very busy people and not [...]

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Gabe Hermann Elected President of the NYSSBA


I am pleased to announce that in a meeting held on December 17, 2008, I was elected President to the New York Social Security Bar Association. This organization, established over 25 years ago, provides attorneys who practice in the field of Social Security Law the opportunity to discuss trends and changes in the law and [...]

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As Seen on Jeopardy!


Within the past month, I made presentations about Social Security Disability both to the public and to a local Bar Association. Attendees at both lectures received the same printed materials and heard slightly different oral presentations, tailored for the audience. For the lawyers, my lecture was focused on what they should look for if clients [...]

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Winning Disability Claims: Behind the Hermann Law Group Success Rate


As the year draws to a close, I've taken some time to think about why we have such a high success rate. Looking at all decisions in 2008, we won 92% of our Social Security Disability cases. This number is far higher than the national average, where no more than 53% of all applicants win [...]

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Giving Clients What They Want


Right now we are in the process of changing all our advertising. For the past few years we have used a few phrases that describe how we think we are different and better than other similar firms. Even though we thought enough of the phrases that we registered them as service marks, not one client [...]

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Our Office Changes with the Times


We just returned from the semi-annual NOSSCR meeting, the National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives. I used to be awed at these meeting by how much people knew. Now I am more likely to be amazed by how much they do! People not only attend staggering amounts of hearings, they find time to talk [...]

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Charity Ride to Benefit the Disabled Changed Lives


There are occasions in everyone's life where everything is so positive you don't want the moment to end. Your team wins the championship, graduation, a great concert or unforgettable party. As a Yankee fan I've had my share. As a Bruce Springsteen fanatic, every show is like that. As a triathlete, little compares with the [...]

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Social Security Disability Benefits—Part 1 of 3: When Your Disability is Temporary


A common misconception among some Social Security claimants is that in order to receive benefits one must be "permanently disabled." Conversely, some recipients believe that once they are deemed "disabled" by the Social Security Administration, they are considered "permanently disabled." While many medical conditions may very well be permanent, a determination by the Administration does [...]

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Gabe Hermann to Give Seminar on Social Security Disability Rights


Due to popular demand, this Thursday, November 19, I will be holding another seminar on Social Security Disability, entitled, "Social Security Disability: How to Fight for your Rights and WIN!" The seminar will be held at the Bogota Recreation Center in Bogota, NJ, at 6:30pm. The seminar is free and open to the public. For [...]

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Quick Decisions Make Happy Clients


One of the things I do often, but especially as the year ends, is check the numbers surrounding our Social Security Disability cases. As I do that this year there are two numbers that come together in a way that I think shows a lot about who we are and what we do. We always [...]

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Social Security Disability and Unemployment Compensation: Not Really a Problem


I just came back from the semi-annual meeting of NOSSCR, our national organization for Social Security Disability attorneys. These conferences are valuable not only because we are able to renew acquaintances and contacts, but because it provides an opportunity for us to discuss with other Social Security Disability lawyers from all over the country the [...]

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