Complex regional pain syndrome is a rare condition with an origindoctors cannot completely explain. Most medical professionals believe that complex regional pain often occurs in an individual’s limbs. Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic condition that impacts your central nervous system. Some of the symptoms include burning or shooting pain, swelling, skin changes, bone and muscle atrophy, muscle spasm, hair loss, joint pain, joint stiffness, and severe pain.

Types of Complex Regional Pain

There are two types of chronic regional pain syndrome. Type I causes atrophy and is more difficult to manage. For Type II, the pain is more severe, and there is noticeable nerve damage. Complex regional pain syndrome impacts each individual differently. Thus, when applying for disability benefits, an individual should have detailed medical opinions and exams regarding their condition. Our New York disability attorney has the experience to handle these complex cases.

Social Security Disability Cases and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Although Social Security recognizes complex regional pain syndrome as a medical condition that could cause a disability, the condition is not a listed impairment under Social Security guidelines. In order to be eligible for Social Security benefits with complex regional pain syndrome, there are two important steps you will have to take. First, you must show that your medical condition will last more than a year and that your complex regional pain syndrome is severe. Again, each individual with complex regional pain syndrome is different in regards to severity of symptoms and pain levels. Your medical records will be key to how Social Security views your claim for disability benefits. When speaking with your primary physician, make sure they are documenting your pain levels and describe to them your symptoms at every visit. Your medical treatment or medication levels for complex regional pain syndrome may not always indicate the severity of your pain. The second factor Social Security will be assessing in your disability claim is whether your medical condition severely limits your residual functional capacity in a manner that enables you from working a job within the national economy. Therefore, the Social Security Administration will be evaluating how medical condition impacts how you perform your daily activities. Additionally, they will be evaluating how your limitations will impact your work-related duties.

A good way to understand processing your disability claim is to allow a New York disability attorney explain the Social Security disability process.

Preparing Your Case

Due to the complexity of your medical condition and the disability application process, it is important not to take this on alone. A New York disability attorney can make all the difference in the success of your claim. Our New York social security disability lawyers are familiar with the Social Security process. They understand thoroughly how to prepare and build your Social Security case. Call Hermann Law Group, PLLC at (914) 286-3030 for a consultation regarding your case.