Working with the government to receive Social Security, disability, veterans or railroad retirements benefits can be difficult, particularly as the Social Security Administration (SSA) becomes more and more inundated with claims and applications from hopeful potential beneficiaries. If you are seeking assistance following an injury or would like help understanding the eligibility requirements for long-term care coverage under applicable Medicaid guidelines, our law firm can provide a comprehensive and thorough plan for you and your family to receive the assistance you need. Likewise, veterans of the United States military or former railroad employees and their families are often entitled to lucrative benefits of which they are not fully aware. For help with your claims or to speak with a reputable New York social security disability attorney, please contact our office right away.

Social Security Benefits

As the United States population continues to age, more and more claimants are seeking Social Security retirement and disability benefits resulting in the close scrutiny of each and every claim submitted to agents. Within the Social Security Administration, there are generally two types of benefits available to claimants: retirement and disability.

Retirement benefits are available beginning at age 62; however, a claimant choosing to pursue early retirement will incur significant penalties for leaving the workforce early. The age at which a claimant can receive full Social Security benefits depends upon the year in which the claimant was born,

If you are ready to retire and need information about retirement benefits and the legal regulations imposed by the Social Security Administration, our office would be glad to help you through this process.

The SSA also offers disability benefits to claimants of any age who are suffering from a medically determinable condition likely to continue for at least 12 months or likely to result in death. If you are considering applying for disability benefits, one of the first steps to take is to compile as much medical evidence documenting your condition as possible as this documentation will serve as the hallmark of your claim. In order to advance a successful application for disability benefits, the SSA will need to see detailed charts, diagnostic information, imaging or information from your treating condition as to the limitations and restrictions imposed by your condition. If you have received a denial of benefits, a New York disability lawyer can also help you work through this issue.

Veterans Benefits

If you are veteran of the United States military, your valor and courage render you eligible for additional disability benefits in the event your physical or mental affliction was caused by or related to your time in the service. Understanding the laws and regulations of veterans disability benefits can be difficult for many, and our compassionate and thorough veterans disability lawyers can help ensure you have the requisite medical and military documentation in order to present a strong and complete application. This will help avoid unnecessary denials and ensure that you are able to receive your monthly benefit as quickly as possible.

As your New York disability lawyer will explain, veterans benefits are tax-free, and may be available to a surviving spouse or minor dependent upon the death of a veteran from a service-related illness or injury. Your disability lawyer will also explain that certain conditions serve as a presumption of disability, including any condition arising as a result of exposure to Agent Orange or certain illnesses derived from exposure to asbestos or remote, unsafe areas.

Long-term Care Benefits through Medicaid

Many people are surprised to learn that Medicare does not cover long-term care in a skilled nursing facility beyond 100 days. For patients in need of permanent, long-term nursing care in an assisted living or nursing home facility, this can create a huge conundrum in light of the staggering costs of skilled nursing care. Many individuals who have meticulously saved their money throughout their working lives are remiss to learn that their life savings is enough to cover only a year or two of long-term care for themselves and a spouse. Fortunately, a New York disability lawyer can discuss options and long-term care planning in order to achieve eligibility for Medicaid coverage, which covers the costs of long-term care nearly in full.

Medicaid is a federal healthcare program offered to those with diminished assets who are in need of skilled nursing services (among many other medical needs). In order to qualify for Medicaid, an applicant must have little to no titled assets aside from a home and one vehicle. As well, Medicaid does not allow individuals to self-impoverish by deeding and transferring assets for below market value in an attempt to reduce net worth. As a result, careful and detail-oriented Medicaid planning is needed to ensure applicants are not assessed with unfair or inflated penalties upon applying. Our law office can help you and your family plan for this event with savvy and a full understanding of applicable Medicaid laws and restrictions.

Railroad Retirement Benefits

Lastly, our office is honored to partner with the hardworking individuals retired from the railroad industry who have sustained injuries or illness as a result of this backbreaking work. If you are one of the thousands of railroad industry veterans in the United States and are in need of a disability attorney to help you with your claims, please give us a call today.

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