Railroad Disability Attorney Explains What to Do After an Injury

October 29,2013
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According to our railroad disability attorney, fatal injuries while on the job with the railroad were twice as high as those in other industries. The report found that 38 percent of those killed in incidents related to railroads were either railway workers or workers in other industries connected to the railroad. After a workplace injury, it is sometimes confusing to know what should be done next. These tips can help anyone who has been injured in a workplace accident, whether a railroad accident or another workplace incident, protect their rights under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).

Seek Medical Treatment

The first thing to do after being injured in a workplace accident is to seek medical treatment, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Although some employers may have medical professionals on staff, such as a nurse, it is important to see your own doctor for a thorough evaluation. Some injuries do not present themselves until hours, or even days, later. You should also be honest with the doctor about any pain you are experiencing or any difficulties since the accident, including mental anguish. Keep all doctor bills, medical records and other information regarding your treatment as you will need to present those should you file a claim.

Report Injuries

As a railroad disability attorney will advise, most employers have a process for filing injury reports. Be sure to complete the forms as required and file them with the appropriate department as soon as possible after the accident. Just as you did with your doctor, include all issues you may be having, such as pain or mental difficulties that could be related to the incident that injured you. Keep a copy of the report for yourself as well as copies of all documentation received from your doctor. It is recommended that you keep a journal that documents pain levels, psychological problems and anything else that occurs after the accident. Be sure to include names of witnesses and any tools or other items that were being used when the accident occurred.

Keep Track of Missed Work

One of the most important things to document is the time you miss from work. This includes time you missed due to your injury, follow-up doctor appointments as well as time you spend talking to officials, whether police or company investigators about the incident. If you are unable to work due to psychological problems related to the incident, be sure to document those days as well as they can be used as part of your claim. You can document missed work by saving leave request slips and by noting in a journal the dates you were out of work as well as the reason you were unable to work.

Hire a Railroad Disability Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured in a railroad incident or other workplace incident and are unable to work, contact Hermann Law Group, PLLC to learn what rights you may have under the law. You can contact them by phone at 914-286-3030. Contact them today to set up a consultation with a railroad disability attorney who can advise you whether you are eligible for a claim under personal injury statutes.