Many claimants for Social Security disability benefits face an initial denial. As a result, you may have to appeal the decision and argue your case at a Social Security disability hearing. These hearings can be very complicated and you will likely want to work with a New Jersey Social Security disability attorney.

Some ways that a New Jersey Social Security disability lawyer can help you include:

  • Choosing and Preparing Witnesses. Having effective witnesses testify on your behalf can be invaluable at a Social Security disability hearing. Your attorney can help you review your potential witnesses and select the witnesses that can be most effective. After choosing the witnesses, your attorney can also help prepare them for the hearing by going through the likely questions they will be asked;
  • Working With Medical Providers to Gather Relevant Medical Documentation. An adjudicator will want to listen to both your testimony about your medical condition as well as see medical records and documentation supporting your claim. In many cases, an adjudicator may give more weight to the medical records than what you have to say. As a result, it is important to have all the supporting records you need; and
  • Preparing You for the Hearing. In many ways, the Social Security disability hearing process is like a criminal trial. You will argue and present your case before an adjudicator and you will have the chance to present witnesses and evidence to support your claim. So, just as you likely would not go to a criminal trial without first seeking advice of counsel, it is also a good idea to first speak with a New Jersey Social Security disability lawyer to prepare for every step of the disability hearing process.

Contact a New Jersey Social Security Disability Attorney

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