A New York Social Security Disability Lawyer Expands On Mental RFC

In this blog, a New York Social Security disability lawyer lists some of the issues you may be questioned about concerning your Mental Residual Functional Capacity, or RFC.

Preparing For Your Testimony
As you and your New York Social Security disability law firm prepare for your hearing, you may expect questions concerning how well you:

Grasp the meaning of directions and perform tasks accordingly:
o Recall and implement undemanding tasks correctly.
o Remain on task for at least two hours between scheduled breaks.
o Arrive at work in a timely fashion and operate according to a standard timetable without help.
o Avoid absenteeism and tardiness.
o Work without requiring more rest periods than are normally permitted.
o Avoid being diverted from your work by other people.
o Finish tasks without unnecessary delays or loss of time.
o Work throughout the day without your mental condition becoming an issue.
o Keep procedures and work areas in mind.

Employ appropriate thinking skills:
o Exercise soundness in judgment.
o Keep safety procedures in mind and act accordingly.

Relate to and cooperate with superiors, subordinates and others:
o Request information or guidance as needed.
o Receive guidance and criticism properly.
o Maintain proper professional conduct when dealing with other people.

Display ability to adapt:
o Show flexibility on the job.

Your New York Social Security Disability Law Firm Attorney Can Help
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