Understanding Age and How to Win Disability Benefits

January 28,2014
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If you are under the age of 50, an important aspect of understanding how to apply for disability in NY is knowing how your age relates to the sedentary work requirement that has been established by the Social Security Administration. This requirement states that claimants who can read and speak English well and who are under the age of 50 must prove that they are unable to perform a wide variety of sedentary work. To perform sedentary work, an individual must be able to:

  • engage in periods of standing or walking totaling no more than two hours of a six-hour workday
  • lift no more than 10 pounds at a time
  • engage in periods of sitting totaling around six hours per eight-hour workday
  • have good use of fingers and hands for repetitive hand-finger actions
  • engage in the occasional lifting and carrying of items like tools, ledgers and docket files

When it comes to understanding how to win disability when you are under age 50, an effective strategy is to provide evidence that you have functional limitations that prevent you from meeting the above requirements. Such functional limitations could prevent you from performing sedentary work, and they include:

  • sitting limitations;
  • visual impairments;
  • mental impairments;
  • standing and walking limitations;
  • environmental restrictions;
  • and manipulative limitations.

To complete sedentary work, a person should be capable of walking on and off for around two hours of every eight-hour workday. Any significant reduction in this capability will reduce their sedentary occupational base. They must also be able to stoop, which is to bend the body downward and forward by bending the spine at the waist. If you rely on a cane, you may be unable to perform tasks with both hands free. This is problematic as you must be able to retrieve and return objects while standing and walking for around two hours out of an eight-hour workday. Having to use a cane could limit your capability for performing a complete range of sedentary work.

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