The Bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration

August 21,2012
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As one of the largest government agencies in the nation, the Social Security Administration employs more than 57,000 workers. More than 23,000 additional workers hold down jobs at affiliate agencies, including the SSA Office of Disability Adjudication and Review and state agencies. Some of these workers decide on disability cases before the case is transferred to an administrative law judge (ALJ). The sheer size of the SSA makes it challenging even for New York Social Security disability attorneys to locate the right department and person. Without the help of a competent legal representative, the task is next to impossible. 

Ongoing Communication Issues 
The vastness of the programs, including SSI and Social Security disability, means that all employees need to be updated if any changes are made in regulations or procedures. However, that does not always happen. In one study, about one-fourth of the answers were wrong for information about SSI. The professionals at our New York Social Security disability law firm will be able to provide you with correct information.

Bureaucratic Complications

State agencies have the authority to approve disability claims, but they might not be qualified to do so. They often do not understand the complex medical problems that accompany the claims. Our New York Social Security disability attorney addresses these bureaucratic complications. In other cases, employees refuse to use discretion in cases, even if the regulations are questionable. Their dogmatic responses even frustrated the professionals at our New York Social Security disability law firm.

If you are aggravated by the bureaucracy of the SSA, our New York Social Security disability attorney can help. We have years of experience in helping others in your position. You can reach Hermann Law Group, PLLC at 1-877-773-3030 if you have additional questions.