Lawyer’s Visit To Local Social Security Office

I was in the Hackensack, NJ Social Security Field Office yesterday to take care of some personal business and I must say that the process went much more smoothly than I would have expected in light of all the negative comments I frequently read online. I arrived and, even though it was lunchtime and the waiting room was crowded, the Agency’s staff were moving the cases along and providing, what appeared to me, proper service to the public.

Although I admit that what I was taking care of was relatively simple and need not have taken a long time, many of the other consumers at the office obviously had more complicated business to attend to and they were also serviced quickly and, it appeared to me, properly.

The office was clean and instead of showing trashy daytime television on the TV, the video screens were offering suggestions, explaining the various Social Security processes to the waiting consumers and showing, dare I say it, peaceful images while the loudspeakers were playing – I’m not kidding – spa sounds.

All in all, it was an uneventful visit. I got done what I came to do and the claims representative was extremely accommodating in helping me replace my own long lost social security card! By the way, for all of you wondering, while a valid driver’s license is acceptable in most circumstances, it doesn’t hurt to bring your passport in to show citizenship if applicable.

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Gabe Hermann