While I may be a new addition to the law firm of Hermann Law Group, I am no stranger to the practice area of Social Security Disability. In fact, I started my career in this practice area while working with Gabe Hermann in 1997. Like him, I have been representing disability claimants since then without interruption.

I’ve been fortunate enough to remain in contact with Gabe ever since then, and have followed his career as he joined Lew Insler years ago. He has always been the consummate professional and a wealth of information. On a chance encounter last year, I was fortunate to appear for a hearing in the Bronx at the same time he was. This set into motion a series of events which led to a meeting with his business partner, Lew Insler. Lew struck me as someone passionate about the law and compassionate about his clients.

Since joining the firm last month, I quickly learned that Lew and Gabe carry this approach into how they practice law and represent their clients. Attention to detail and a personal attitude distinguish them from many other practitioners in this area of law, and I’m glad to bring the same qualities to their practice.

At a recent lunch, Lew addressed the staff on the positive feedback we continue to receive from our clients. “The reason for our success: each and every one of you really cares,” he told us, expressing his gratitude to the entire staff, from the paralegals and secretaries to the bookkeeper. In the weeks since I’ve begun working here, I have seen this dedication firsthand, and it makes me proud to be a part of this firm.

I’m extremely excited to become an active part of the law firm of Hermann Law Group and encourage people to email me directly at bma@nymetrodisability.com with any questions or ideas for future blog topics. I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Anson