Attorney Meeting With ClientAt Hermann Law Group, we realize that one of the most difficult things about applying for disability claim is the stress it involves. You are already disabled, often dealing with pain and financial uncertainty. Trying to fight the system alone can be confusing, demoralizing, and exhausting.

We want to make the disability claim process as easy as possible for you

Whether you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, benefits from a Long Term Disability policy, or even Railroad Retirement benefits, we will guide you through the process from the moment you decide to apply, and we will be there every step of the way to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

At Hermann Law Group, you will meet with an attorney from the start. We will even consult with you before you stop working, to help determine your best course of action. Of course, we are happy to take a case at almost any point (given enough time to be properly prepared), but in almost all cases, the earlier the better.

While many other disability practices will ask you to file your claim yourself, we will take your case from the start, and file your initial application. We will take the hassle and burden off you by completing and filing all forms for you. In fact, we are one of the only firms in the Metropolitan New York area that files initial claims electronically. When a paper claim for disability benefits is filed, it may be held in a local office until a Social Security claims representative is able to enter your information into a computer. Days or even weeks can be lost. By filing your claim electronically for you, we ensure that your claim will be developed and decided more quickly.

You won’t have to chase after your doctors or wonder if they are providing you with what you need to prove your case, because we will obtain the medical documentation necessary to prove your disability. We will make sure that your application is complete before it is filed, and we will follow up with your health care providers until they send us the information we need for your claim.

We take claims as far in the administrative process as necessary to prevail. We are licensed attorneys, authorized to appear on your behalf in Federal Court.

We make sure that someone is always available to answer your questions over the phone or via email. If necessary, we can assist you with related claims such as Workers’ Compensation, New York State Employees Retirement Disability, and Personal Injury, either through our network of affiliated attorneys or by working with any attorneys already representing you on those or other claims.

At Hermann Law Group, we are dedicated to pursuing your disability claim quickly and vigorously, while providing you with the best in personalized, caring attention.

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