Once again, I am proud to be volunteering my time and expertise on disability law to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society when they hold their upcoming Legal Day on Saturday, December 4, 2010. I first participated in their regular event on May 8, 2010 alongside other professionals possessing different areas of expertise of particular interest to those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

At the last Legal Day, the issues presented to me covered a wide range of scenarios. Some were relatively straightforward, whereas others proved to be quite complex (though I personally enjoyed the challenge). Of course, the real reward is in helping those who come to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for assistance. I’ve been assured that every appointment slot has been reserved by someone seeking Social Security assistance this Saturday. I am looking forward to offering my help to these individuals whose lives have been affected by MS as well as reuniting with the other professionals who also kindly volunteer their time and knowledge to such a worthy organization.

Brian Anson