LTD Success Stories


J was a 57 year old Director of Engineering for a facilities management company. He sustained a back injury and was awarded both Workers' Compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits. However his claim for Long Term Disability was denied because the carrier stated he could return to his job, which they erroneously classified as [...]

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The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Your LTD Policy


Because the definitions and benefits are different in every Long Term Disability policy, you must know the specifics of your policy in order to pursue your claim successfully. At Hermann Law Group, we will review your Long Term Disability policy carefully with you, making sure that you understand your rights and obligations, and we will [...]

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Group Disability Policies/ERISA


If you participate in a Long Term Disability (LTD) plan offered by your employer, even if you pay some or all of the premiums you are considered to be part of a group plan. Group disability plans are often referred to as ERISA claims because the procedures governing them are found in the Employee Retirement [...]

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Private Disability Polices


If you purchased an individual Long Term Disability (LTD) policy either directly from an insurance carrier or through a professional organization, it is considered a "private" disability policy. Private policies are governed by general contract law and state insurance laws. Unlike ERISA (group policy) cases, in a private policy the claims process is not covered [...]

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