Social Security Hearings and Daily Activities

April 23,2013
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A disability attorney in New York may help claimants prepare for their disability hearing. One area where they can expect to be asked questions is regarding daily activities.

Potential Questions

Judges want to know about a person’s daily activities because it gives them another barometer for gauging a person’s limitations. Additionally, judges use this information to compare it with what the claimant reports about his or her impairments related to work. Judges may ask about activities that involve standing and walking if a claimant says he or she has trouble with this. Additionally, they may also ask about social activities. Be prepared to describe how far you can travel at a time and whether you can drive. Additionally, be prepared to talk about any need to change positions.

Answering Questions

A disability attorney in New York may help a claimant prepare for answering questions by role playing. An attorney can explain that a judge’s questions provide an opportunity for the claimant to provide details about his or her impairments. Answers should be honest. Even if you are able to complete many different kinds of daily activities, such as cleaning, doing laundry or cooking, be prepared to discuss side effects and limitations related to these activities. For example, if you can only complete an activity for a few minutes at a time, mention this fact. Also, mention whether you require assistance to do particular activities, such as help with the laundry or running errands. If someone has to help you carry your groceries when you leave the store, this may be much different than simply stating that you can go grocery shopping. Also, if you have to take a break for a few minutes or hours each day, mention this fact. Provide adequate details about your impairments so that the judge can get an accurate idea of your daily life. Talk about how you have made adaptations since your impairment to do different activities. Talk about how long you can perform certain activities and then how much rest you need to take after the activity. Compare these statements with estimates of how long you took to perform the same activities before you became disabled and. Discuss what assistance you need to perform different activities.

Legal Assistance from a Disability Attorney in New York

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