Our Disability Attorney in NJ Describe Judges at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

April 09,2013
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If you’re working with a disability attorney in NJ, your application for Social Security disability (SSD) will be reviewed by an administrative law judge (ALJ) who represents the Social Security Administration (SSA). The ALJ works as a neutral researcher whose job is to inquire about your disability and grant benefits if you’re disabled according to the Social Security Act.

Impartial Administrative Law Judges

Generally, the ALJ does act as a neutral researcher. Some 60 percent of applicants who attend an SSD hearing will receive disability benefits. However, statistics show that certain ALJs are more lenient and that others have lower approval rates.

Presenting Your Case

To demonstrate your condition, your disability attorney in NJ will gather and present evidence and testimony at the hearing. Medical records, doctors’ opinions, and witness testimony are valuable for proving that you have a qualifying disability. Whatever issues emerge, your disability lawyers in NJ must address items without antagonizing the ALJ. Many judges will explain the particular problem, which will give your attorney a chance to better present your case.

Working with an SSD Attorney

Although deadlines and evidence requirements are not as strict as they are in court cases, your disability attorney in NJ needs to comply with the SSA and ALJ. If necessary, your attorney can request an extension or have the judge order a subpoena to secure additional records.

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