Doctor's Opinion on Work

July 03,2012
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Doctor’s Opinion: a New York Social Security Disability Attorney Explains How It Can Help or Harm

Doctors often have reservations about how their opinions might affect their patients’ Social Security disability claims. A New York Social Security disability attorney responds to some of these in the paragraphs below.

Whether or Not to Indicate Patient’s Ability to Work

Although the Social Security Administration allows patients to be capable of some types of labor, it is wise for a physician to consult a New York Social Security disability lawyer for clarification if he or she is uncertain as to what recommendations to make. The indication that the patient can perform some fairly undemanding work is not necessarily damaging. The patient need not be a complete invalid to be considered disabled.

Most Crucial Error to Avoid on Disability Forms

Be careful not to overstate the patient’s limitations. If you make the patient seem more disabled than his condition warrants, you damage not only your patient’s case but the value of your own opinion as well.

Completing Forms If Patient Can Work

If you, as the physician, believe that your patient is capable of full-time work, you may have questions as to the necessity of submitting the forms at all. Doctors are sometimes reluctant to impose the additional charges on their patients that would be incurred due to the extra time and work involved. This is a valid question, and the answer is dependent upon how old the claimant is and the theoretical stance held by the attendant New York Social Security disability lawyer. Patients older than 55 may be declared disabled whether they can work or not, especially if the attorney is considering both mental and physical impairments. A telephone call to the attorney can help to resolve the matter.

If You Have Questions

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